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Manual Slide Doors Specs + Details + Drawings + BIM

Profiler®-ICU Sliding Door Systems

The Profiler®-ICU is available with standard and custom non-smoke rated configurations in single, biparting, and telescoping designs. These systems come standard with recessed pull handles or optional positive latching handles available and clear opening widths of up to 85". Standard and opaque glass for privacy at the flick of a switch is available.

Select units are ISO 14644-3 certified for Class 3 cleanroom applications, meaning they comply with strict standards for emissions of airborne particulates.

product nametypebreakouttrackhandself closinginstallationarchitectural detailsarchitectural specscadAdd to My Inquiries
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 SingleNone Track O-X or X-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 SingleNone Track P-X or X-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 SinglePartial Track O-SX or SX-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU SinglePartial Track O-SX or SX-O YesPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 SinglePartial Trackless P-SX or SX-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 SingleFull Track SO-SX or SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU SingleFull Track SO-SX or SX-SO YesPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 SingleFull Trackless SO-SX or SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU SingleFull Trackless SO-SX or SX-SO YesPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU XM ISO 3 SingleFullTrackless SO-SX or SX-SO ICU (XM) NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU XM SingleFullTrackless SO-SX or SX-SO ICU (XM) YesPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 BipartingNone  Track O-X-X-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 BipartingNone Track P-X-X-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 BipartingPartial Track O-SX-SX-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 BipartingPartial Track P-SX-SX-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 BipartingFull Track SO-SX-SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU ISO 3 BipartingFull Trackless SO-SX-SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingNone Track O-X-X or X-X-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingNone Track O-X-X-X-X-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingNone Track P-X-X or X-X-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingNone Track P-X-X-X-X-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingPartial  Track O-X-SX or SX-X-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingPartial Track O-X-SX-SX-X-O NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingPartial Track P-X-SX or SX-X-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingPartial Track P-X-SX-SX-X-P NoSurface Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingFull Track SO-SX-SX or SX-SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingFull Track SO-SX-SX-SX-SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingFull Trackless SO-SX-SX or SX-SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount
Profiler-ICU TelescopingFull Trackless SO-SX-SX-SX-SX-SO NoPerimeter Mount

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