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3 Questions to Ask When Specifying the Right Industrial Door
Horton RapidSlide

How to select industrial doors when improved access and temperature control are key factors.

If the industrial or warehousing facility you are designing requires doors that exceed ordinary requirements for accessibility, efficiency, durability and customization, there are some important questions to consider to help you make the right choice.

What type of traffic are you planning for – large industrial equipment, pedestrian or both?

Roll-up doors are often a popular, go-to solution for industrial doorways because they are considered affordable and, when in the full-open position, they offer good access to fork trucks and other vehicular traffic. But they present many limitations that restrict the flow of larger equipment while waiting for height clearance. Furthermore, they do not provide an efficient way for a pedestrian to enter or exit without exposing the entire door opening, harming the temperature-controlled environment.

Horton RapidSlide® Industrial Door System’s unique full or partial slide-door opening gives you the size opening you need when you need it. The doors open partially for pedestrian traffic or full-open for vehicular traffic. The fast-acting RapidSlide opens in seconds, lessening the chance of vehicular impact. And unlike roll-up doors, the RapidSlide will never make you wait for a height clearance.

Are you protecting a temperature-controlled environment?

The speed at which a door operates, the size of the aperture and the thermal efficiency of the door panels are all critical factors in maximizing temperature control. The Horton RapidSlide provides advantages across all three of these factors. The RapidSlide combines a fast-moving, heavy-duty slide drive system with Thermacore® Insulated Panels for smooth access and improved temperature control in high-traffic areas. The Thermacore panels can be specified with thermal efficiency R-values of 9.3, 12.8 or 17.5. And because the doors only partially open for pedestrian traffic, the system is designed to maximize temperature control and minimize your carbon footprint.

What level of design flexibility is required?

Sometimes off-the-shelf solutions don’t provide the design flexibility necessary to complete a project with a variety of specification challenges for activation, security, visibility and finishes. The highly customizable RapidSlide Industrial Door provides options for manual or touchless switches, heightened security with power-fail open or power-fail close autolocks, and optional vision lites for visual knowledge of incoming traffic. The doors are available in single slide or biparting configurations, a variety of finishes and with opening widths and heights up to 12 feet.

To learn more about Horton RapidSlide Industrial Door Systems or other Horton industrial door solutions, visit the Horton website or contact your distributor.

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