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How Paint Finishes Can Impact Your Ability to Complete Projects on Time


It’s about supply chain issues and making
informed choices

The Issue

Two years into COVID and things are still far from normal. In fact, supply and inflation have become increasingly more challenging. Labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and the dynamics of having to work differently have added to the complexity of the situation. Paint finish, particularly in metal construction components, has become a headache for specifiers and owners alike.

Paint finish providers have been working aggressively to address the issues within their control. However, there is an albatross that escapes everyone: the current supply of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin used in 70% fluoropolymer wet paints meeting AAMA 2605 specifications.

PVDF is in short supply globally and is now in greater demand due to its usage in other industries. The increase in demand, in conjunction with other industries willing to pay significantly higher prices for it, has created a dynamic situation derived from inconsistent supply, supply allocations, price escalation, and poor delivery performance. As a result, supply will continue to be intermittent for the next two years or so and will be the issue for owners and specifiers to worry about beyond mere inflation.

The Solution

Since supply will be the overriding concern, your best option is to consider alternatives such as clear anodize or powder coat solutions whenever possible. The typical resins used in powder coat (polyester, polyester-epoxy, acrylic or polyethylene) have a more positive supply outlook with these seven added benefits to you:

  1. More reliable supply with shorter lead times at a lower cost
  2. An aesthetically identical finish to wet paint with the advantage of superior warranties 
  3. Better performing than wet when exposed to environmental and mechanical stresses
  4. Long-lasting with formulations exceeding 1,000 hours for ASTM standard salt sprays
  5. Superior corrosion-resistant dense finish
  6. Good edge coverage with even finish without drips or application traces
  7. Eco-friendly with ultra-low VOCs

Horton Automatics recommends that, when pertinent, you consider specifying clear anodize or powder coat finish for your automatic entrances. These alternatives offer benefits in lead times, cost and, subsequently, the ability to complete your project on time.

Please contact your local Horton representative to review options and specify alternatives.

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