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The Hospitality Industry – Where Guest Comfort and Security Are Automatic
Comfort at the assisted living facility

Horton Helps Deliver A Safer, More Efficient Building Design And A Better User Experience

Automatic doors play a significant role in guest safety in the hospitality industry. They offer guests and patrons easy access to your building and provide a barrier between the outdoors environment and the security, privacy and comfort inside.

When accommodating a large number of people daily, you need doors that will impress in appearance and durability while maintaining operational efficiency. First impressions are crucial, and entryways set the tone for the entire guest experience.

The entrance should be easily accessible to all guests, including those with disabilities. Smooth traffic flow, well-marked entrances and clear signage contribute to a streamlined arrival experience. Automatic door systems are perfect for this industry because they are easy to use, accommodate different needs, and provide easy entrances and exits in an emergency for people of all abilities.

Benefits of Using Automatic Doors 

There are numerous benefits to using automatic doors when operating a hotel, restaurant or any other hospitality business. 

Automatic door systems are widely known for their enhanced security benefits. Public doors are often left open, leading to security issues, like intruders accessing closed-off spaces.

Having automatic doors with automatic locks installed will ensure they are shut at all times without having to rely on guests or employees to remember to close them behind every time they come or go.

Another great benefit of using automated door systems in the hospitality business is the touchless entry and exit feature. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more concerned about their health and coming in contact with germs than ever before.

The British Columbia Center for Disease Control says that 80% of illness-causing germs are spread by people’s hands. Installing an automatic door that can open and close without the need to touch a door handle can limit the spread of disease, illnesses and bacteria.

Fire Safety 
Another benefit of having automatic doors in public facilities is that they can be used to contain fires. Some automatic doors have sensors and can close and lock when a fire is detected.

According to Reliable Fire & Security, roughly 50% of all fires in hotels and motels are caused by cooking equipment. The right automatic door system can help keep these kitchen fires from spreading to other areas of the building.

Visual Appeal 
The aesthetics of the entrance play a significant role in the hospitality industry. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about creating an ambiance that resonates with the overall theme of the establishment. Whether it’s a grand entrance for a luxury hotel or a cozy, welcoming doorway for a boutique inn, the design should reflect the desired atmosphere. 

Types of Automatic Doors

Various types of automatic doors can serve different functions in the hospitality industry. Take a closer look to consider which ones might be best for you.  

  • Revolving Doors: Revolving doors can be designed for high-volume facilities with a lot of daily traffic. These doors can come as basic revolving doors or secure revolving doors. Secure doors can come with one- or two-way security systems, bullet-proof glass, and security features to prevent piggybacking or tailgating.
  • Automatic Swing Doors: Automatic swing doors can offer opening and closing speed controls, push-and-go activation and obstruction sensing. Thanks to the fire protection features, you can add these doors to your building as part of your fire protection plan.
  • Automatic Sliding Doors: Automatic sliding glass doors are ideal for high-traffic areas and large crowded spaces. The swift open/close action coupled with air-filtration specs improve traffic flow and reduce energy bills. 
  • Horizontal Accordion Doors: Horizontal, automatic accordion doors serve as fire and/or security doors and can be used to create unobtrusive, yet code-compliant, elevator lobbies or corridor separation in many large hotels. 

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