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ICU smoke-rated doors integrate Unicel’s Vision Control® Technology

Introducing the unmatched safety and privacy protections now provided by Horton smoke-rated doors.  

Horton specializes in manual and automatic door solutions that meet stringent hospital and medical facility building codes. And now, with the introduction of the Unicel Vision Control Mini Louver option, Horton’s line of telescoping and sliding smoke-rated ICU doors provides additional opportunities for enhanced patient privacy while still exceeding UL1784 and NFPA105 certifications.

The market-leading Unicel Mini Louver is a patented, hermetically sealed glass unit with operable louvers that can be customized to accommodate all Horton ICU smoke-rated door applications.

By insulating the glass with integrated cord-free mini louvers, Horton smoke-rated ICU doors with Unicel Vision Control deliver unprecedented control of vision, light, temperature and sound that improves patient outcomes, making these the most advanced louvered ICU door solutions on the market today.

Specially designed for sliding & telescoping doors

Made with an ultra-thin 1-inch airspace that is ideal for sliding and telescoping door applications, Unicel provides a universal trim kit that is cord- and string-free to allow for easy, unrestricted door movement.

By eliminating the need for curtains, shades or any other type of blinds that are unhygienic and rattle with the opening and closing of doors, Horton’s ICU door solutions with Unicel technology are perfectly suited for the most demanding healthcare environments.

The blinds are easily adjustable with flat aluminum knobs or thumbwheel operations what are low profile and ADA compliant. Blind adjustment is fully operable on one or both sides. And by ensuring doctor/patient privacy, they are HIPAA-compliant as well.

Hygienic benefits of Horton Doors with Unicel Technology

Creating more sterile environments is of critical importance for patient outcomes. Building materials used in the design of ICUs, CCUs and isolation rooms need to include hygienic finishes and the minimization of surfaces that collect dust or residue. Dust contaminated by infectious agents can build up and cause an outbreak of infection, even after the infectious patient has left.

Horton Profiler Smoke-Rated Sliding and Telescoping ICU door solutions offer trackless operation to aid in sanitation, greater opening width to minimize patient/personnel contact, and now – with the addition of Unicel – hermetically sealed louvers that ensure freedom from dust and germs.

An integrated cord-free louver design is the only privacy solution that adequately addresses all design requirements for doors and windows in healthcare environments.

The integrated mini louvers from Unicel are completely adjustable for vision control. When fully opened, they provide 80 percent visibility. When fully closed, they ensure 100 percent vision blocking. They can be angled to provide discreet observation by healthcare personnel, while preventing patients from feeling observed and exposed.

Built to last, the Unicel Mini Louvers are backed by a 20-year warranty. And because they are hermetically sealed and cord-free, they require virtually no maintenance or cleaning costs.

To learn more about how Horton can help you design optimal door solutions for your critical care needs, including details on the Profiler ICU MAX Slide Door and the Profiler Smoke-rated Telescoping ICU/CCU MAX, click here.

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