New Products 


In our tradition of product leadership, here is a quick access list to Horton's newest innovations.

 SO-SX or SX-SO ICU Max   A10.38    
 SO-SX or SX-SO ICU Max - Self Closing   A10.39    
 SO-SX or SX-SO ICU Max - Smoke Rated   A10.40    
 SO-SX or SX-SO ICU Max - Smoke Rated - Self Closing   A10.41    
 Visdom Elite   F9.09    
 Early Warning Detection   F3.14
 Secure Exit Lane   H3.01  
 S2003T ICU Low Energy Isolation Door System - Full Breakout   10.30.3    
 Manual Revolving Door with Power-Assist (Return To Quarter-Point)    F8.04  
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